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Franchise Opportunities

An investment that can't be topped.
A "North Meets South" Franchise Opportunity

Hailing from New Haven, the so-called pizza mecca of the world, Jeremy Nascimento is determined to share his love for apizza and is looking to spread the love of New-Haven style pizza throughout the Southeast over the next 5 years, but needs passionate, driven franchise owners to make the dream come true!

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Benefits of Owning a Yankee Pie Apizza

Yankee Pie Apizza Franchise in St. Marys, Georgia

Do your own thing,
without doing it alone!

When you start a YPA Franchise you are well-supported with resources covering operations, marketing, and more!

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Be the reason people come together.

Have a business that brings families, friends, and community together and feel pride knowing you were part of that.

Yankee Pie Apizza Franchise in St. Marys, Georgia

Be part of something bigger.

New-Haven style apizza has a cult-like following that goes back decades and now’s your chance to join the movement.

The Business of Ah-Beetz

A $35 Billion per Year Industry!

Americans everywhere love pizza. Since the 1950s, the pizza industry has seen consistent growth. Over 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month, and the average American eats 180 slices of pizza annually. That adds up to billions of pies consumed each year! 

With a delicious product, distinct brand, and well-established business operations our franchise owners can get up and running quickly - allowing them to maximize the opportunity and see a return faster!

Yankee Pie Apizza Franchise in St. Marys, Georgia

High-margin potential in the time-tested pizza industry

Yankee Pie Apizza Franchise in St. Marys, Georgia

Established YPA app helps franchises increase reach and be set up for success from the start.

Yankee Pie Apizza Franchise in St. Marys, Georgia

Well-differentiated and distinct brand helps franchise owners cut through the clutter and attract loyal customers.

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You could be a great fit if you...

Are ready to embrace the
YPA culture

The strong and distinct brand of Yankee Pie Apizza is intentional. We embrace the rich history of New-Haven style ah-beetz, as well as the unique hospitality of the South. Franchise owners must be prepared to embrace and spread this North-Meets-South mash-up culture. 

Desire to positively contribute as a leader in your community.

Franchise owners who open a Yankee Pie Apizza should genuinely care about making their YPA location a positive force in the community. Yankee Pie isn't just a pizza place, it's a people place and every potential owner must share in that vision. 

Excel at business prioritization & cost-management

Are self-motivated &

In life (and business) there will be a million different choices and things you "could do", but YPA is looking for potential franchise owners that are confident and savvy in their ability to make trade-off decisions that lead to success.

Yankee Pie Apizza HQ will offer all franchises with business-critical support and resources. However, in the day-to-day the best franchise owners are those that are able to identify what needs to be done and rally their team to make it happen. 

Connect with the YPA team for more information about starting your franchise!

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