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New Haven-style pizza is a true delicacy that has been enjoyed by many. This type of pizza hails from the small Northeastern city of New Haven, Connecticut, and has been a local staple for over a century. What sets this pizza apart from the rest is its hot, crispy crust and unique blend of quality ingredients. The pizza is cooked at a high temperature, lending it a beautiful char and a pleasing crunch.


New Haven-style pizza is commonly referred to as "apizza" by locals. This name stems from the Italian pronunciation of the word "pizza." The term was coined as a nod to the area's large Italian-American population, which helped prop up the regional pizza scene. The pizza itself perfectly combines traditional Neapolitan-style pie elements with ingredients unique to the New Haven area, such as the local clam harvest, which is used to make White Clam Pie, one of New Haven's most beloved pizza styles.


Doesn't matter if you've lived in St. Marys, Georgia for 20 years or are just visiting for a weekend, you owe it to yourself to try this iconic pizza. It truly is a unique culinary experience and a testament to the best American pizza can be.

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