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Yankee Pie Apizza Locations

The inspiration for Yankee Pie Apizza was born in New Haven, CT.


Among some of the greatest pizzerias of all time, earned New Haven the right to be declared, “The Pizza Capital of the World,” by world famous pizza reviewer, Dave Portnoy.

It was in this great city where I learned the art of making this neo-neoplolitan style pizza that has affectionately become known as APIZZA (pronounced Ah-Beetz).


Fueled by passion and desire to bring New England pizza to the south, my wife Cristen & I decided to open up the original YANKEE PIE APIZZA in Historic St. Marys, Georgia. Right at the gateway to Cumberland Island. At Yankee Pie, we are not just a pizza place, we’re a people place. So enjoy your APIZZA because we made it for you!

⁃Jeremy Nascimento, Master Pizzaiolo

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